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The MBA Healthcare Club is run by second-year MBA students who work with staff, faculty, and the Center for the Business of Health to provide an enriching experience for students interested in pursuing healthcare-focused internships and full-time roles. First-year students may apply to be liaisons to the executive board during Mod I.

Executive Team

Hailey Patel

Cory Weidman
Executive VP

Tanya Aggarwal
VP of Finance
Marketing & Communications

Katherine Underwood
VP of Marketing

Pranav Sanghvi
VP of Communications & Technology
Learning & Development

Neha Mehta
Co-VP of Learning & Development

Lavanya Raghu
Co-VP of Learning & Development
Corporate Outreach

Stewart Spanbauer
Co-VP of Corporate Outreach

Ashwin Ramanathan
Co-VP of Corporate Outreach

Andrew Kolb
Co-VP of Healthcare Conference

Rebecca Tong
Co-VP of Healthcare Conference

Mark McKee
VP of Case Competition
Diversity & Social

John Viboch
VP of DE&I

Pallavi Yarlagadda
VP of Social Engagement