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Overview of application process (applicable to all positions, subject to change)

  • September 2nd at 9 PM: Deadline for position papers 
  • September 3rd-6th: If selected as a finalist, in-person interviews conducted 
  • September 9th: Decisions communicated 

Any questions about the positions listed below can be directed to


Corporate Relations Liaison (On-Campus) 

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Liaise with employers who recruit on campus to facilitate recruiting engagements with KFBS students Partner with Kenan Institute to solicit corporate sponsorship packages ranging $500 to $25,000
    • Manage relationships with employers during recruiting season to ensure KFBS retains a stellar reputation in the recruiting space 
  • Estimated time commitment: 2 hours per week 


Corporate Relations Liaison (Off-Campus) 

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Liaise with employers who do not recruit on campus to facilitate recruiting engagements with KFBS students
    • Plan career treks where KFBS students travel as a cohort to visit companies and employers in targeted areas (pharma belt in NJ, research triangle here in NC)
    • Partner with employer engagement team (KFBS administration) to develop new on-campus recruiting leads 
  • Estimated time commitment: 1 hour per week (two particularly busy trek weeks) 


Alumni Relations Liaison 

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Determine engagement opportunities for alumni within the healthcare club
    • Partner with Communications VP & Liaison to redesign HC Club website
    • Work with administration to extract and maintain alumni database information 
  • Estimated time commitment: 1 hour per week


Healthcare Club Communications Liaison 

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Compile weekly newsletter email
    • Assist with website updates as needed
    • Potentially assist with social media updates
    • Support promotion of club and school events through club communication channels 
    • Refresh club materials on Google Drive as needed 
  • Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours per week 


Healthcare Club Diversity and Student Engagement Liaison 

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Connect regularly with fellow first years to understand their needs and how the Healthcare Club can better meet them
    • Reach out to first years who are less involved to see where they can be supported
    • Help plan social and community service events in each mod
    • Assist in planning the logistics for the Healthcare trek in October
    • Work closely with International Experience VP and liaison to engage international peers Collaborate with other career and diversity clubs to fully engage students across concentrations and interests that overlap with healthcare
    • Prepare regular surveys to check the “pulse” of members and brainstorm activities to engage the full Healthcare community 
  • Estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours per week 


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange Liaison (2)

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Responsible for planning the logistics, website, and speakers for the 2019 Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange
    • Responsible for all marketing and promotion activities of the event through internal and external channels
    • Coordinate with VP to develop theme and content for the exchange 
  • Estimated time commitment: Low commitment in mods 1 and 2, with 1-2 hours per week starting in January through the event in early April. Expect slightly higher time commitment in the 3 weeks leading up to the E&I Exchange event.


Speaker Series & Local Visits Liaison 

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Responsible for planning the logistics and marketing for the speaker series talks/workshop
    • Coordinate with VP to determine speakers, theme, and content
    • Responsible for organizing visits to local RTP start-ups 
  • Estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours per week 


Healthcare Club Finance Liaison 

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Actively manage club expenses and cash inflows
    • Update club budget throughout the year
    • Track actual spend relative to budget
    • Provide updates to leadership team regarding budget status and funds remaining  
    • Work with VP of Finance for MBASA to ensure proper expense reimbursements to team members 
  • Estimated time commitment: 1 hour per week 
  • Other pertinent information: Applicant should have an interest in corporate finance in the healthcare industry. This role would be particularly valuable for a career switcher looking to gain experience managing a budget. 


Healthcare Conference Liaison (8)

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Coordinate with panel/moderator for session logistics
    • Coordinate pre-conference networking dinner
    • Assist in planning of conference breakfast, coffee breaks, and happy hour
    • Order speaker gifts
    • Responsible for day-of-logistics (e.g. volunteers, check-in, confirming flowers/balloons, parking sign, etc.)
    • Coordinate with Kenan Institute to ensure marketing material design and website design is consistent
  • Estimated time commitment – 6 hours/week in September, October and November. No time commitment after November. 
  • Any other pertinent information – The conference liaisons will work closely with the conference VPs and the Kenan-Institute and have valuable touch-points with industry leaders. The liaisons should be outstanding communicators and detail oriented. 


Healthcare Case Competition Liaison: Internal (1), External (1) 

  • Description of event: The 2019 UNC Healthcare Case Competition will consist of 2 “rounds,” including one internal UNC round with cross-disciplinary teams of graduate students across UNC health science schools (e.g., Public Health, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, etc.), and another external round where UNC’s top team will compete against teams from 5 other top universities across the country that are leading in healthcare. 
  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Assist with development of marketing and promotional materials
    • Facilitate communication with cross-disciplinary graduate programs
    • Coordinate with liaisons from other graduate programs to disseminate information
    • Recruit participants for both rounds of the competition
    • Provide general support/coordinate logistics for Case Competition events
    • Track Case Competition budget
    • Provide updates to leadership team regarding progress 
  • Estimated time commitment: 3-5 hours per week through November 


International Experience Liaison 

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Assist in the execution of the rotational speaker series and additional planned academic activities and workshops including the managing and implementing logistics of the event and budgeting.
    • Help coordinate and publicize all activities targeting the international student community within the club.
    • Assist in the development of outreach material and content for the potential workshops focused on strengthening recruiting skills in the healthcare industry for the international community.
    • Work internally to channel opportunities from Learning and Development and Corporate relations into development programming.
    • Assist in the following up and updating of indicators with regard to international students landing internships and full-time job offers in the healthcare industry
    • Thoroughly engage with the international community interested in a healthcare career to understand and learn their challenges and communicate those to the club leadership in a structured manner
  • Estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours per week 
  • Other pertinent information: passionate about healthcare and eager to support the international student community to be successful in its recruiting efforts in the industry. 


Healthcare Club Learning and Development Liaison 

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Design hour-long learning sessions focusing on health care industry fundamentals from topics covered to flow of activities
    • Coordinate and prepare guest speakers
    • Manage session logistics 
  • Estimated time commitment: 3 hours per week


Healthcare Club University Engagement Liaison 

  • Description of responsibilities: 
    • Assist the Vice President of University Engagement in planning and organizing events
    • Establish and maintain relationships with student groups at the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, Pharmacy, and Nursing 
    • Serve as the business school representative for Interprofessional Education and Practice, and attend weekly meetings
  • Estimated time commitment: 3-5 hours per week 
  • Other pertinent information: excellent for dual-degree students